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PTF and their 2023 Short Form Catalog

We at Dytec wanted to make you aware of PTF (Precise Time and Frequency), headquartered in Wakefield, MA. PTF offers frequency reference and time standard synchronization solutions tailored to meeting performance requirements at minimum cost. Other products include NTP Servers, broadband amplifiers, RF distribution, 1PPS distribution, and fiber optic distribution.

Should any of these products be of interest to you, please let us know if you would like to know more about how they could be used within your business.


Distribution Amplifiers 12 Channel Broadband, Optical or Configurable

                                                                          ptf 1231A GNS Antenna Distribution (to 2GHz)

12 Channel Distribution with Remote Monitor / Control

Redundancy Auto Switches with Remote Monitor / Control

GNS Receivers, Frequency Standards, and NTP Servers

Quartz and Rubidium Standards

       ptf 1229A Micro Phase Stepper,                           ptf 3207A-TC Time Code Generator

       Frequency Generator 


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