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New Corelis Webinar!

Discover how ScanExpress JET automates functional test generation, streamlines your

testing process, and enhances diagnostic visibility. Don't miss out!


Functional circuit board testing presents many challenges that are often costly and time-consuming. Most functional tests need to be customized for each design, limiting reusability. This results in software engineers vying for time between development code and test code. Even when functional tests become available, the diagnostic details are often inadequate to give clear visibility on a given problem.

ScanExpress JET is a software solution designed to overcome these challenges by automating the functional test generation process on CPU–based IEEE-1149.1 compliant circuit boards. Coined JTAG Embedded Test, JET is the preferred method for at-speed, non-intrusive functional testing.

Content Agenda

  • Introduction

  • Corelis Overview and History

  • What is ScanExpress JET?

  • Features and Benefits of ScanExpress JET

  • Methodology

  • Supported Processors

  • HW Connection Devices

  • Live Q & A


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