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Introducing: Emcor Enclosures!

Dytec East is happy to announce the addition of Emcor Enclosures to our group of represented manufacturers!

Emcor Enclosures is an American premier engineering and manufacturing company that specializes in sheet metal Enclosures, Consoles, Workstations, and Containment Solutions for the Defense, Aerospace, Automotive, Data Center, and Commercial markets.  Located in Rochester, Minnesota, Emcor delivers the most comprehensive and competitive product offering in:

Emcor’s engineers and product managers are experienced in both contract manufacturing/B2P solutions and bottom-up design collaborations to provide our customers with a unique opportunity for completely tailored electronics protection at competitive rates.  Utilizing a variety of fabrication and manufacturing capabilities, Emcor delivers the most current in Laser Cutting, Punching, Testing & Inspection, Bending & Forming, Robotic & Manual Welding, Tooling & Die Modification capability ­– as well as a fully-operational finishing station to implement custom color and laminate finishes.  Our dedicated assembly area uses mechanized lifts and conveyors that enable the careful handling of complex mechanical integration.

If you would like more information or a quote on an Emcor product please let us know!


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