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Everything to know about Ametek’s Reliability Assurance™ Program

At AMETEK Programmable Power, we know how important it is to protect your device through each stage of the life cycle. That's why our support service offerings provide a white-glove solution that delivers no-hassle shipping and a faster turnaround time. Plus, we offer training that prepares your users to successfully operate your device on Day 1.

  • Warranty+ - A low-cost, white-glove enhancement to your standard product warranty ensures a no-hassle, expedited experience in the event of a failure.

  • New Product Commissioning/Training - When you purchase a large piece of new capital, it's important to ensure that your users are ready to operate the device on Day 1. With AMETEK commissioning, an AMETEK field support associate will come on-site, verify your installation, perform first startup functional testing, and take your users through a series of product trainings (including specific application support).

  • Calibration - From factory calibration to ANSI Z540-1 and ISO/IEC 17025 (available in the U.S. market only), AMETEK offers calibration to ensure your product remains as accurate as possible and matches your testing specifications.

Our support service offerings include preventative maintenance for added peace of mind. In addition, we offer the ability to keep your product running like new for longer and with less potential for downtime — even in the toughest environments.

  • Preventative Maintenance - A one-time preventative maintenance offering protects your product's wearables. It also provides a complete product status report, bringing your product to a like-new state. This option is available to add within the first 8 years of product ownership. Once the preventative maintenance is complete, a new 5-year warranty is automatically added for peace of mind.

  • Upgrades/Trade-Ins - AMETEK offers an alternative to new product purchases, allowing your business to seamlessly replace legacy AMETEK or comparable power supplies. Any upgrade/trade-in will receive a discounted rate coupled with immediate Warranty+ coverage.

We've got decades of experience manufacturing power and test solutions for critical production and test applications. Therefore, we understand how an investment in technology requires careful planning and the assurance of long-term support.

Explore how AMETEK Programmable Power provides reliable support at every phase of the product life cycle:

  • Active Support Phase - All product services and repair capabilities are available to ensure your product runs at its best.

  • Limited Support Phase - AMETEK defines Limited Support as the 5-year period from the last time purchased. During this period, we recommend engaging your support team to create a long-term support agreement for your equipment or begin budgeting for an upgrade or refresh.

  • End-of-Support Phase - The final phase of product support is limited to the availability of spare parts, equipment, and factory capabilities.


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